Intelligent information system

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Solid preparation intelligent information management system: by integrating advanced information technology and professional software, the whole production process can be visualized, data-based and intelligent, providing customers with comprehensive traceability services, helping pharmaceutical enterprises to improve product quality, shorten time, improve enterprise efficiency, and create "Industry 4.0" digital solution for customers.



Facing the continuous improvement of product standards in the pharmaceutical industry, the requirements of production management and product quality becoming higher and higher, which requires enterprises to know the real-time status of production equipment, product process flow, production data information and so on. In order to meet user requirements, Wonsen designs and develops an intelligent information management system for solid preparations, which can help enterprises balance resources, optimize production capacity, reduce costs, improve production efficiency, bring more value, enhance the core competitiveness, and facilitate to build smart factories.


The system integrates the control systems of various process production equipment and utilities in the solid preparation workshop. The production data, environmental data, energy data and process operation data are collected into a real-time database, and the workshop management is analyzed, processed and optimized, so that the whole production process is visualized, data-based and intelligent, and a centralized electronic record is formed to ensure the traceability of all data.


Production Environment Management System (PEMS)


    Automatic monitoring and control of all sensor measured value, and real-time display of the monitor room on the computer screen


    Output report according to user's requirement, print the record data of temperature and humidity change


    Provides a real-time historical trend chart showing the temperature and humidity of the environment and the temperature change of the core on the screen with a curve


    Real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity at various locations

Process Equipment Management System (CEMS)

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    Equipment monitoring
    Real-time monitoring of the processing data of offline equipment can observe
    the detailed data and real-time curve of the operation parameters of the equipment

    Statistical form
    Through the report function of the system, the data statistics of relevant
     equipment can be viewed within the specified time to optimize the process

    Equipment performance log
    Display function of operation log curve and history record

Wonsen iCloud

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    Wonsen iCloud  is a comprehensive management system based on the cloud application of equipment data and the intelligent gateway.The inteligent gateway is the data acquisition terminal of the whole system.Its connected to the devices,automatically recording operation status and collecting the related data (location,temperature and humidity,pressure,revolution,flow,etc.).
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