MES system

Pharmaceutical enterprises MES system facilitates pharmaceutical enterprises to build intelligent factories

Applied in production management and workshop execution of pharmaceutical industry, solving the execution problem of workshop production, effectively integrating the production planning and execution, production costs, equipment efficiency analysis, electronic batch records, on-site equipment data collection and monitoring and other core functions, achieving real-time tracking, backtracking of equipment, materials, plan implementation and visual management of workshop control process from the raw material procurement, planning and scheduling management, production scheduling management, cost management, equipment management and other modules, to create a lean factory, to achieve the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing in smart factories.





With the development of China's economy and the acceleration of globalization, Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises are facing unprecedented challenges. At present, most enterprises still rely on paper reports and manual records to achieve communication between upstream and downstream. The data is inaccurate and incomplete,which makes it impossible for enterprises to carry   out accurate analysis in production and achieve fine management.In order to realize efficient communication between upstream and downstream workshops, ensure timeliness and accuracy of information, face readiness of plan changes, improve quality, reduce the cost of management and other needs, Wonsen customizes the MES system for pharmaceutical enterprises. MES is applied in the process of enterprise production management, realizing "transparent" management of materials, equipment and personnel, achieving closed-loop production management of" pre-plan, middle-control and prevention and after- retrospective analysis ", improving the scientificity and timeliness of management decisions, continuously improving production performance, reducing production costs, improving and stabilizing product quality, to meet the management requirements of pharmaceutical enterprises, and improve production efficiency.



MES system plays an important role in shortening the product cycle and reducing the data input time,continuously improves product quality,balances enterprise resources,optimizes  production capacity,greatly improves production efficiency, improves employee productivity and efficiency; The workshop production Kanban helps know the production situation, timely identify problems, adjust production plans and related resources, to ensure the maximization of production efficiency, greatly improve the management level and efficiency of site managers. Managing the material on production site, production plan, progress promotion and data input and so on through the digital factory management Kanban, users can view the production progress and processing situation anytime and anywhere through PC and smartphone.




 Planning and scheduling management

 Formula Management

 Electronic batch record

 Production Scheduling Management

 Inventory management

 Quality Management

 Data Acquisition and Analysis

 Material Management

 Equipment Management

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